World At Your Feet

Overview of the campaign

world-at-your-feetChannel 8 started a campaign aimed towards the masses and (potential) channel 8 viewers. With the objectives of promoting the use of OOH and creating hype for World At Your Feet in mind, a 9-week campaign – from 17 April to 29 May – was carried out, with OOH Media leading the way. 120 6-sheet posters and 13 12-sheet posters were displayed on OOH’s bus shelters throughout our available networks in the city as well as the heartlands, coupled with a variety of transmedia engagements such as other outdoor events like Augmented Reality sequence at Junction 8 shopping mall, a futsal tournament; TV trailers; radio interviews; media conferences and engagements as well as through digital and social media. More than 5,000 photos were uploaded onto Channel 8’s Facebook page.

How is OOH Media involved?

The front-runner for this campaign was through one of our 9 outdoor digital screens outdoor, whereby an augmented reality experience took place at one of the most populated malls in Singapore – Bishan’s Junction 8.  Our digital screen was an ideal location as it is in the middle of the busy intersection between Bishan MRT station exit and the entrance of Junction 8.  This strategic location provided opportunities to capture pedestrian traffic exiting and entering the Bishan MRT station, the interchange for the North-South and Circle Line.

As part of the out of home campaign, 6-sheet posters of the programme were put up at 120 locations island-wide, complemented by 13 12-sheet posters in the city.  In addition, MediaCorp was looking towards a different approach in reaching out to the target audience and to excite them about the upcoming show.  Since this year is World Cup 2014 and having seen the previously successful campaign executed with Pepsi through MediaCorp’s digital screens and integration with the Augmented Reality experience, Channel 8 decided to implement an interactive experience to bring MediaCorp artistes closer to the audience.  By providing the audience with a full-immersion experience, MediaCorp hopes to increase audience engagement and excitement.


On its opening day, several cast members (Elvin Ng, Tay Ping Hui, etc.) came down to the mall.  Attracting more than 300 people, it was one of the biggest local events this year for a TV promo.

world-at-your-feet_03Prior to the event, a 30-second trailer was played on the mall’s digital screen. After which, members of the public were given a rare opportunity to meet and interact with our local artistes and take photos with them. Markers placed on the floor encouraged the crowd to participate in the interactive AR activity just below OOH Media’s digital screen. Subsequently, they would appear on the mall’s digital screens, alongside the cast members of the show.

The augmented reality campaign ran for 9 weeks, from 2nd May to 29th May. There were variations of the AR to keep the experience fresh and the audience waiting in anticipation.  Photos would automatically be taken and uploaded onto Channel 8’s Facebook page – that has more than 375,000 likes – for sharing purposes.

This was the first time that Channel 8 carried out an Augment Reality event. The campaign was a huge success with an overwhelming response.  On the event’s opening day, more than 300 people showed up and interacted with MediaCorp artistes and the Augmented Reality sequence.  In a period of one week, more than 5,000 photos were uploaded onto Channel 8’s Facebook page, with an average of 200 photos daily.

According to <<Good Morning Singapore>>, the entire campaign had media coverage of 933,972.  The audiences were engaged and interactive, and with the target audience being generally social media savvy, the auto-population of the photos onto Channel 8’s Facebook led to also increasing the ‘likes’ on Channel 8’s Facebook as well. Channel 8 was very delighted with the results and have also expressed that they would like embark on similar engagements in the future.

Our partner mall, Junction 8, was also pleased with such on-ground engagements and pedestrian traffic that our digital screens could generate, as it led to an increase in mall traffic and buzz over the campaign period.