These 2D flagships are attention-grabbing mini-billboards sited on bus shelter rooftops.

Its traffic facing orientation is designed to capture motorists’ eyeballs even from a distance as far as 200m. Commuters travelling on double-decker buses will also be exposed to these 2D flagships during the boarding and alighting of other passengers.

The 2D flagships can be executed in 3D and is 6m wide and 1.2m tall – Incorporating 2D flagship into your campaigns lends even greater dynamic to your campaign visuals and is most effective when complemented with a 6-sheet campaign, to provide audiences with more engagement with the respective brands.

With our 2D flagships being distributed along key arterial roads and at more densely populated areas of Singapore such as Tampines and Ang Mo Kio, it provides a wider reach for the campaign.