The new format 12 sheet consists of 4Prime, Digiboard + TVC and Digi6. The digiboard and TV combines together to form the Digi6. Capitalising on high passenger traffic within Orchard Road and City belts, bus commuters are kept entertained with news, bite-sized infotainment and advertising campaigns. These new platforms allow advertisers to have more impactful ways to communicate to their target audience.

4Prime static is bigger than the typical 4-sheet size, measuring 1648mm by 1553mm. It provides a medium static format for advertisers to engage audience within the shelter while waiting for their buses to arrive.

Digiboard and TVC can be used to capture attention with the use of bright and bold colours. Measuring 1080mm by 1012mm, this unique format can be a platform used for zonal activation with the use of short and crisp tagline for call to action. The TVC will also be a good platform to provide audience with more infotainment, capturing their attention with the interesting visuals and sounds. This would make the advertisements more effective with the ability to target specific audience vis-à-vis the locality.

Digi6 can be used to augment 6-sheet poster network to provide additional city coverage. Measuring 1080mmx1830mm, it can include elements of movement to breathe “life” into an otherwise static poster.

Opti-Prime offers advertisers flexibility and variety to reach a wide spectrum of demographics and its strategic path-to-purchase locations seals the last mile marketing frontier from home to store. The consistent engagement from home to out of home with ability to push advertisements “synchronously” with print and time belt scheduling is unique in this platform.

4Prime: 7 networks comprising a mix of city and suburb locations (5 facings/network)
Digital screens (TVC, Digiboard & Digi6): PeopleHub network of 40 screens

Digital Screeens

More than half of our regular 12-sheet shelters are placed at prime locations around the city such as in front of Midpoint Orchard, Lucky Plaza, Delfi Orchard and The Heeren.

These screens are for advertisers who wish to capitalise on advertisements that can gain more attention from commuters due to its close proximity and multi-media messages. They are also for advertisers who are finding platform to show more than just posters, to engage the audience with even sound effects from the TVC.