Stop consumers and vehicular traffic with eye-catching displays all day and night with our 6-sheet displays.

OOH Media has a network of 1300 bus shelters at your disposal to reach up to 96%* of your target audience. Our bus shelters reach out to 3.9 million people over the age of 15. With an average exposure of 131 times by a commuter over a period of two weeks, advertisers can be assured that their panels capture and engage the audience both effectively and efficiently. (*Nielsen Singapore Media Index 2013)

Our 6-sheet networks potentially reaches out to people of differing demographics such as tourists, locals, executives, students and many more. Not only that, at 2.2m tall and 1.3m wide, these striking panels are located island-wide in areas such as Jurong West and Tampines, which are ranked the second and third most populated regions in Singapore respectively (singstats.gov.sg). Both of these regions have more than 230 000 residents. OOH Media also exclusively manage the stretch of bus shelters along Orchard Road.

Advertisers may choose the number of panels and facings to suit varying budget and advertising needs.

– City (22 facings/network)
– Island-wide (120 facings/network)
– Areas targeting Youths/Kids/Retail/Affluent (100 facings/network)