Bugis Street

A hotspot for both tourists and locals, Bugis Street offers its visitors a complete and unforgettable package with more than 600 shops in three levels, covering a mix of fashion, beauty, lifestyle, technology and F&B.

Known as “the largest street-shopping location in Singapore”, this iconic and historic street is ranked third most popular shopping areas by Singapore Tourism Board, making the large digital displays there an excellent choice for high reach of campaign messages.

With 4 indoor and 4 outdoor screens, advertising at Bugis Street offers advertisers the chance to double their impact and reach. By exposing the viewers to the same campaign messages repetitively, viewers will be able to recall the messages more easily and therefore also increase brand awareness.

One of the most striking screens is the one opposite Bugis Junction. The LED digital screen is placed right along Victoria Street, a high-traffic area directly in front of the traffic junction, making it hard to miss. Not only does it attract the pedestrians, it also attracts the motorists. The other screens are just as prominent to people crossing over from Bugis Junction, Bugis+, The Bencoolen and Fu Lu Shou Complex.

4x Outdoor Screens
Victoria Street (opposite Bugis Junction): 5.120m x 3.072m
Queen Street (opposite Fu Lu Shou Complex): 5.120m x 3.072m
Queen Street (Little Red Dot): 3.072m x 3.072m
Cheng Yan Place (facing Bugis+): 7.168m x 4.096m

4x Indoor Screens (Level 1 and Level 3)
Level 1: 2.928m x 1.620m and 2.928m x 2.430m
Level 3: 4.880m x 2.928m and 2.440m x 1.952m


Chinatown Point

Chinatown Point is located in the heart of Chinatown, the second most visited free-access attraction in Singapore (mentioned in among tourists, especially Chinese nationals. Chinatown is also Singapore’s pioneer generation’s frequent hang-out, allowing the advertisements to reach out to mostly foreigners and the older generations.

Measuring 11.52 metres wide and 6.72 metre high, the digital screen is located at the junction of New Bridge Road and Upper Cross Street, reaching out to motorists and pedestrians at the busy thoroughfare in both day and night. The Chinatown Point digital screen offers advertisers a platform to connect with people interested in travel and Chinese infotainment and culture.

Outdoor Screen: 11.52m x 6.72m
2x Indoor Screens
Level 2: 1.54m x 0.93m
Level 4: 5.12m x 3.07m

iFly Sentosa

Located just off the Siloso beach on Sentosa, iFly Singapore is the world’s largest wind tunnel for indoor skydiving.

With over 20 million visitors in a year, Sentosa is not only a very popular spot for families and youths as the surrounding area also sees high traffic from island tourists too. Advertising on this platform will enable you to reach out to both the locals and non-locals as 51% of the visitorships to Sentosa are derived from non-locals (

The iFly screen is 8 metre wide by 5 metre height, facing the Beach Station at Siloso Beachfront in Sentosa, allowing passengers who are boarding and alighting the monorail at Beach Station to have a clear view of the screen.

Outdoor Screen: 8m x 5m


Located in the fast-growing metropolis of Jurong East together with other popular malls such as Westgate and JEM, JCube serves the large market of an 82 000-strong residency as well as the office workers in the area. Housing Singapore’s first IMAX theatre in the suburbs and Singapore’s first Olympic-sized Ice Rink, JCube attracts groups of people of different interests, be it sports enthusiasts or heart landers.

Furthermore, the Ice Rink in JCube even hosts international events and competitions for ice sports such as hockey, speed skating and curling, exposing people from other countries to the digital screen located at JCube.

With an average of 1.2 million visitors monthly, the mall’s high definition, 14m by 9m outdoor screen is an attention-grabber particularly due to its placement. Strategically situated at the entrance of the mall, the screen attracts pedestrians exiting both Jurong East MRT and the bus interchange.

Outdoor Screen: 14m x 9m


Junction 8

Junction 8 is located between Bishan’s MRT and bus interchange, making it a high foot traffic area. The digital screen in Junction 8 measures 6.95 metre by 4.02 metre and is located at the entrance of the mall, facing the MRT exit. This is perfect for advertisers as it serves as the first point of contact for commuters exiting the MRT.

The mall consists of five floors filled with retail shops, and a basement that comprises primarily of food stores. It caters to the needs of over 65 000 residents in Bishan, along with office workers and students from schools in the surrounding area.

This is also one of the malls where Augmented Reality segments can be carried out – an advertising tactic that enables users to be fully immersed into a particular interactive scenario, which can help you to engage and connect your target audience to your campaign efficiently and effectively.

With an astounding 2.35 million visitors in just a month, the digital screen offers advertisers a platform to reach out to heartlanders, families, youths and PMEBs.

Semi Outdoor Screen (facing Bishan MRT): 6.95m x 4.02m


Orchard Gateway

Orchardgateway is a new Retail, Hotel and Office development, strategically located within walking distance from Somerset MRT Station. The twin buildings are connected via an iconic bridge on Level 3, a bustling pedestrian crossing at street level and an underpass at Basement 2.

Located at the façade next to Midpoint Orchard, the LED digital outdoor screen is 6.4 metre wide and 2.88 metre high, displaying high resolution image and high definition sound on the façade of the building next to midpoint. It commands a prominent view from the drivers and pedestrians as it is located right in front of the traffic and pedestrian crossing.

Strategically situated along the main thoroughfare of Orchard Road, the digital screen will be exposed to heavy pedestrian and vehicular traffic through the street from the junction of Cathay Cineleisure Orchard and Mandarin Orchard Hotel through Chatsworth International School, Singapore Visitor Centre, 313@Somerset, 111 Emerald Hill and Orchard Central.

As the digital screen is located in Orchard with a monthly potential of 4 million visitors per month, advertisers can look forward to engaging with engage different groups of consumers such as the PMEBs, expatriates, tourists and youths.

Outdoor Screen: 6.4m x 2.88m


The Star Vista

Located at Buona Vista, The Star Vista forms a natural hub for shopper traffic from the nearby Biopolis, One North and Fusionopolis. This integrated mall is strategically connected to two train lines (Circle and East-West Line) and multiple roads and expressways. The mall is also highly accessible as there are not only several bus services to get there, the Buona Vista MRT station is also located just opposite the mall. The mall has an average monthly visitorship of 1.2 million people. It has a prime positioning near schools and offices, with more than 400 000 residents, students and working population in its proximity.

The Star Vista boasts a stunning digital screen – 4.8 metre wide and 2.88 metre high, seen by thousands every day. The screen is strategically located in the first level in the atrium, where shoppers will have a clear view of the screen not only on the first level, but also on level 2 onwards.

With the 5 000-seat theatre that hosts a range of concerts, performances and other activities on weekends, you can expect the people patronising the mall to be just as equally diverse. The weekend crowd is especially strong due to the attendance of one of the most influential worship venues in Singapore that is located in the vicinity, hosting thousands of people. The Star Vista is also one of the malls where Augmented Reality segments can be carried out – an advertising tactic that enables users to be fully immersed into a particular interactive scenario. This will help to engage and keep audiences interested in the campaign or brand, which will then help to increase your brand awareness.

Semi Outdoor Screen (opposite Buona Vista MRT): 4.8m x 2.88m
12x Lift Lobby Screens



Westgate is a new shopping landmark in Jurong, strategically located at the heart of Jurong Gateway. It is part of the Jurong Lake District, which is earmarked to be Singapore’s largest regional centre with a resident catchment population of 1 million. This family and lifestyle mall is set to be the premier destination in Singapore’s West.

The Westgate screen is 10.8 metre wide and 8.06 metre high, with direct exposure to commuters heading to and from Jurong East MRT and bus interchange.

The mall has in store for its young shoppers – setting aside more than 15 000 square foot within the mall for children’s playgrounds such as the Westgate Wonderland and Kids Club. These children’s places of attractions have made the mall more popular among young parents and families.

Outdoor Screen: 10.8m x 8.06m


Large Static Billboards (Chinatown Point)

The large static billboards at Chinatown Point offer advertisers with dominant static back-lit placements in the heart of the city. Chinatown Point is located in the heart of Chinatown, the second most visited free-access attraction in Singapore among tourists.

With more than 75 000 unique cars within 500-metre radius from Chinatown Point on a usual weekday, the static billboards facing People’s Park Centre capture the intense flow of vehicular traffic in the vicinity. They offer an unblocked view to motorists and pedestrians stationary at the junction of New Bridge Road and Upper Cross Street – one of the heavily used junctions throughout the day. Hitting the high flow of motorist traffic from CBD to Orchard Road and CTE, the static billboards are likely to target PMEBs who are heading from CBD to Orchard Road and return route to home. In addition, the rich Chinese culture and heritage sites also help to target the tourists and people who are interested in Chinese infotainment and culture.