On The Move Billboard

Singapore’s first angled mobile billboard in Singapore boasts a dominating size of 7.3 metre wide and 3 metre high, catering to the requirements of advertisers in search of effective static advertisements while at the same time, cleverly providing added mobility for targeted advertising. With its customised routes and flexible time belts, advertisers will be able to reach out to the appropriate target audience at their preferred time belts and routes.

For 6 days a week, 8 hours per day, this mobile advertising platform will be seen all around Singapore with its impact maximized by LED lightings that will help to capture the attention of people, surrounding the borders of the billboards.

With such mobile billboards in its stable, OOH Media ensures frequency of exposure amongst target audiences and navigation within advertisers’ preferred vicinity. The interior of the trucks can be designed to allow target audiences to find out more about the products or campaign, therefore the platform is perfect for key product launches, product sampling, products display and other tactical campaigns. On top of that, the trucks can also be situated at selected locations to allow more interaction, engagement and event activation.



OOH Media manages over 600 individually branded taxis that can be seen driving around Singapore 24 hours of the day, carrying the message of advertisers for their outdoor campaigns.

In a transport-efficient country like Singapore, taxis are available island-wide, promising high exposure to advertisers. With 967 000 taxi trips in a day and each engaged trip clocking an average distance of 9.8 kilometres, these taxis are able to travel through different parts of Singapore and expose the advertisements to both pedestrians and motorists on the roads. Those choosing this platform can be certain that their advertisements will be exposed to a myriad of people throughout Singapore.


Coaches are another high impact visual medium for advertisers. Coach advertising reaches consumers close to the point of purchase and at a time and place they can act on what they see. Similar to our On the Move Billboard, these coaches are seen by the public throughout the city!

Having larger dimensions and slower average travelling speed as compared to the taxis, this platform is ideal for capturing your audiences’ eyeballs both on and off the roads. The slower travelling speed of coaches will also allow your audiences to spend more time analysing the advertisements on the coaches, understanding and finding out more about your campaign.